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•“…Carpino performs all the pages with authoritativeness, conviction and executive sharpness…” (Roberto Brusotti, “Musica” Nr. 263 p. 90)

•“…I enjoyed Raffaele Carpino’s carefully phrased interpretation...” (Stewart McCoy, “Early Music Review” Nr. 158 p. 27)

•“…The interpretation of the different works, highlights us the sensibility of Carpino, always on time to return with grace and precision every detail of the performed works…” (“GuitArt” Nr. 90 p. 41)

•“…Each of the performances of Carpino is carefully expressed in the classic style. The lovely work (Tre balli nazionali) is filled with the rhythm of the Spanish style…” (“Gendai Guitar” Nr. 642)

•“…Carpino performs with precision and taste. His phrasing is elegant and often helps the listener follow the often-obscured melody. A beautiful recording with a fresh take on familiar music”. (Ralph Graves, “Charlottesville classical” 5th November)